My Baby Is Heeeere!!!!

  1. Everyone i introduce my new baby girl!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:i won her on e-bay thanks all for your help!! I"m soooo excited!!! Orange is my favorite color in the whole world!!!:wlae::wlae::crybaby:so emotional!!!
  2. PIX PIX PLEASE ...let me be the first to say congrats!!! congrats!!!!
    be careful it is contageous
  3. are the pics...hehehehehe:yes:
    DSC02095.JPG DSC02099.JPG DSC02115.JPG DSC02125.JPG DSC02144.JPG
  4. UUUUH these lame pics i took don't even due this beauty justice!!! Bad lighting :sad: anyway!! I LOVE HER!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  5. thanks gingarita! :smile:
  6. Congrats! :woohoo: Good to know that you won it! I think its really unique! :tup:
  7. Beautiful!! What a fun color!
  8. Love it! I love orange, too. I have never seen that color before. What is it called? Great bag.
  9. OH! I remember this bag listing...I didn't know you won it!! How fantastic! It's gorgeous. Loving the orange color. Congrats!!
  10. Yay, fun color - congrats! :tup:
  11. Pretty color! BTW, your nails are pretty!
  12. I cant believe i won this baby!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL BAG!! HANDS DOWN!! I almost fainted when i saw it on e-bay... and when i won it,and then again when i opened the bag...and again when i tried it on...hehehehe:greengrin: Thanks ladies for the compliments!
  13. I did but i wanted to see if everything was ok, just in case. Thank you for your help! :flowers:
  14. THANK YOU! :smile: They are mine, its OPI Suzi Says Da! :p
  15. Congrats!! What a pretty color :smile: