My baby Husky

  1. I recently got a puppy. Siberian Husky to be exact. He was born on Dec 6, 2006. My boyfriend and I brought him home on Jan 9 when he was about 4 and a half weeks old. His name is Micki and he is just the greatest baby.

  2. Aww.
  3. OMg he is soooooo gorgeous, hope you have many years together
  4. He is so cute.
  5. What a pretty dog!! He looks so cute in the first pic, sleeping.
  6. When I was younger that was always the kind of dog I wanted - your Micki is adorable!!
  7. He's adorable!
  8. He is so adorable!!!
  9. Thanks! I swear he's getting bigger by the minute! I'll keep posting up new pics every chance I get!
  10. OMG! It makes me want a husky even more!
  11. I freakin LOVELOVE LOVE Huskies!!OMG!SO CUTE!I wanna cuddle with him!
  12. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! What a CUTIE!!!

    I have a real soft spot for Huskies! They can be brats, though!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Wow, what a cutie!

    Wait, he was only 4 weeks old when you brought him home? Why did the breeder let him go so early? Our breeder wouldn't let us pick up our pups until they were ten weeks old.
  14. Yes that is far to early to be taken away from mum, puppys should not leave their mum until 8 weeks old. At 4.5 weeks they are not wean.

    Lovely puppy.
  15. sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.. :love: and huskies is my school's mascot. hehe