My baby has fleas! help!!

  1. I am sure this is a repeat but I really need to know asap on how to get rid of fleas. I gave my dog several baths and sprayed her with a tick & flea spray, and it did get rid of it.. All this took place at my place.. however when we brought her to my bfs place.. where there are 2 other dogs.. she got fleas again! I am trying to figur eout if she got it from the other dogs or if the fleas found a nice place somewhere in the house to just nest.

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of it if it is in the house?? Like a fogger or something? TIA!!!
  2. Start using Frontline on your dog. It lasts several months and is very effective.

    They sell flea sprays at most stores (like Target) to spray in your home (directions are on the label). You can also put a flea collar in your vacuum bag, do a good job vacuuming, then toss the bag right away. Make sure you get along all the edges, couches, etc. and wash bedding.
  3. ^^^yes you need to buy and use Frontline with your dog. It really helps eliminate the chance of fleas and ticks jumping on your dog. From what you said it does sound like maybe those 2 dogs have fleas. Keep your away from them until you can be sure.

    As for the house, like wordbox said, vacumm. When we got Leeloo she had tons of minute ticks. I went to the vet and got mediacated shampoo and bathed them as soon as we got home. Then I vacummed the entire house then mopped with scolding hot water and clorox (my house then smelled like a pool) as the vet recommended. Then I washed everything. My bedding (all), their bedding, area rugs, towels, dog toys. All with hot water and heavy cycle. That got rid of everything, thank God.
  4. I agree- Frontline. While you wait for the Frontline to kick in, you can get a Capstar tablet from your vet. It will kill all of the fleas within 30 min. and prevent them for 24 hrs. By then the Frontline will be doing it's thing.
  5. I agree with everyone that has already said this...Frontline is the answer. In addition, I'd wash all her bedding, vacuum the floors and upholstered sofas, chairs, etc and probably call an exterminator. You'll have to leave the house for a few hours while they fog, but it will do the trick.
  6. Here are my flea treatment tricks I tell my clients:

    - Bath the dog in a ton of thick dish soap. start as close to the face as possible and work your way back to the tip of the tail. Do not miss a spot - even get between the toes - EVERYWHERE. Let the dog soak for 10 min. Rinse thoroughly and condition.

    - Apply topical flea meds after the dog has been blow dried (I love Revolution).

    - Put a flea collar in the vaccume bag to kill any sucked up parasites. Vaccume EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING (even with hardwood get around the baseboards and other crevices). Wash everything you can.

    The dish soap is my fave first line of attack as it is non medicated and smothers the little suckers really well. The trick is to make sure you wait NO LESS than 10 min for the soak time.

    Try it - you'll be impressed!
  7. Thank you all so much!!! EVERYBODY said frontline so I am out to go get some right now!

    My boyfreinds house is so much harder to do because it is just so much bigger. I am going to have to leave a day to clean everything.

    thanks again!!!