MY baby Had Babies ... Attn . Cavalier Lovers :)

  1. My two cavaliers Emma and Cooper had Five puppies in December , I nevr come into this thread but now that I did I have to post pics :smile:
  2. Where are the pics?! I want to see some furbabies!!!!!
  3. *looks anxiously for pics* oh oh I want to see the babies!!!
  4. We want to see the puppies!
  5. I am trying to get them to post it is giving me a terrible time Stll trying :smile:
  6. Awww I love puppies!! I cant wait to see pics
  7. Aww so sweet :heart: can't wait to see the piccies!
  8. Where are the pictures?????? I love little Cavaliers (and big ones too).
  9. Where Are They!!!
  10. I know it's difficult to figure out how to post pictures--I still have trouble doing it!

    We still want to see baby pictures, though--is there someone who can help you? :nuts:
  11. Can anyone help ?? I still cant figure it out ... I have never posted pics before... If someone can give me an idea I would get them up in a Jiffy :smile: Thanks :smile:
  12. I'm going to PM you my email, and then you can send them to me and I can host them for you. Or you can go to and upload them yourself. can attach them directly from your desktop to the forum.

    Just send them to me. :p Check your PMs.
  13. I love Cavaliers. Pics! Pics! I'm hoping one day to add this breed to our family of pets.
  14. they are the best dogs ever ... you would neer ne dissapointed if you made one a part of the family ... THe pictures should be up soon .. I have someone who was awesome and gae me ahelping hand ..... more to come tomorrow :smile:
  15. Here they are!! I'm seriously dying from cuteness overload over here!! :love:

    Click on the individual photos for larger pics. :flowers: