My baby girl's 1st birthday


1st Birthday Present

  1. Mini Noe

  2. Mini Speedy

  3. Mini Pochette

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  1. My precious little princess will be turning 1 next week. I would like to pick up a small LV for her. Here are some of my choices, what do you guys think?

    - mini noe
    - mini speedy
    - mini pochette

    Feel free to give me other suggestions on small purses. These are the ones I can think of.

    For Xmas I managed to find her a brand new pink/pink Cherry Blossom coin wallet.

    I want built a little collection for her. I hope she will appreciate and enjoy LV as much as I do.
  2. I think the Mini Pochette would suit her size best at this age.
  3. I think the mini speedy is most suited for her age.
  4. My daughter loves my (her) mini pochettes. She knows how to carry them on her shoulder and her little fake cell phone fits inside. I've had her hold the mini sacs in the boutiques and she doesn't seem to like them like she likes the mini pochette. She puts it on her shoulder, struts around and swings it around. She has the azur and the trunks and bags. I would love to get her a mini sac in white mc but we'll see about that.

    BTW, for my daughter's 1st Bday I got her an Elsa Peretti necklace from Tiffany and she loves it!
  5. I think the mini pochette would be cute! I'm really surprised at previous posters' daughters. They seem so well behaved with their purses.

    Seriously, if it were me as a child having a bag I would have either been slobbering all over it or did some type of damage to it. I am the child who managed to swallow a penny I picked up from the ground when little and get into the medicine cabinet and swallow a bunch of medicines. I fear what my not yet conceived children might do.
  6. haha wow, wish my mom as as fashion forward when i was turning 1 ;) lol.
  7. haha, yep, my mom told me the story about when i took tylenol and got it stuck up my nose!! lol.
  8. the mini-pochette would be perfect for her age and size :smile:
  9. My daughter has been carrying purses since, well, practically out of the womb. She has some cute pink poodle bags and Hello Kitty Bags. From there she moved on to Coach (her Coach bag is in her toy chest) and just recently has been playing with the mini pochettes. I know I'll be sorry some day when she's trying to walk out the door with my bags, but it's never to early to teach good taste. LOL

    She also loves to play with her blocks, stuffed animals, books and other toys too BTW.
  10. mini speedy!!!
  11. you know...if kept in good condition they're probably better investments than a savings bond:cool:

    I have twins who just turned 2, they LOVE their purses so much just like mommy, but unfortunately just mommy gets the real goodies!

    Happy birthday to your baby! I vote for the speedy.
  12. mini pochette! that is a bag that can last her forever and ever!
  13. i vote for mini pochette :yes:. i think it's great for kid as there's no vachetta (though the gold may fade?), she can shoulder carry and swing it around now, and when she grows up she can use it inside her future big LV bags :graucho:.
  14. I wish my mom was like you when I was younger Riley!! :tup: Then maybe I would have played with purses instead of getting into naughty things, lol. Then again, I probably would have started this obsession a long time ago hehe.
  15. LuvLVRN--we're really trying not to raise a girly girlm she has footballs, basketballs, baseballes, and soccer balls. She can already dribble the soccer ball with her feet and she has HK golf clubs and she can actually hit a golf ball with them. I think her love for bags evolved because she sees me playing with mine all the time. She'll go through my bags and take everything out and play with them as well as drag them across the floor. Anyway, fantastic_3 didn't mean to hiback your thread. Just don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about me and my daughter.