*** My baby cried so I was offered a KELLY LMAO .. Valentines Day Gift ***

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    Hi fellow TPFers

    I hope all of you are well and I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone an early HAPPY VALENTINES DAY :heart::hbeat::heart::hbeat::heart:

    I went to my local Hermes store yesterday afternoon with the husband and the littlest bubba. Our intention was to purchase a few pieces for eachother for Valentines Day. Also I had no intention of purchasing a BAG as I was after a pair of Kelly Boots.

    The hubby and I picked up some small bits of H items and then I enquired about the Kelly Boots. To my excitement my SA informed me that he had a pair in black in my size. I was so happy as I had been lusting after a pair for ages but my size has never been available. However to my dismay he had made an error and they were 1.5 sizes up so too big.

    At this point I wanted to cry (lol ok maybe a little melodramatic) but instead my baby decided to take it upon himself and literally cry the entire store down. This was unusual of bubba (and later we discovered why - he had cut his third tooth). To soothe him the SAs gave him a little orange box to chew on and I was like :wtf: lol - my baby's first H. The SA then offered me a bag and said "I have something special for you just wait" and wait I did lol.

    Here is bubba's box
  2. Here is a close up of teeth marks lol :p
  3. Ohhh....poor little pumpkin, how is he feeling now?
  4. On to the shopping bags... Bare in mind this has mine and hubby's VALENTINES GIFTS... LOL they are not all MINE :graucho:
  5. Hubby's stack (not much of a stack but he purchased nice items)
  6. My stack :drool:
    IMG_2741.jpg IMG_2742.jpg
  7. Ooh! I've caught a live reveal!
  8. Oh oh oh looks very promising!!!

    Show us the goods!!!
  9. :woohoo: :popcorn:
  10. happy V day Sai...ooooh lotsa goodies...
  11. Oh boy!
    Hehe, by baby's teething up a storm, maybe that's a sign :graucho::graucho::lol:
  12. So many orange boxes, pls reveal them.....;)
  13. Here is my beautiful new bag.. I am so excited because this is one of my HGs - owing to me having a matching wallet in this exact colour!!
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    How exciting, I can barely wait to see. LOL while I posted you put up your purse, love it, that color will go with just about anything!
  15. With the matching wallet... with and without flash
    IMG_2747.jpg IMG_2751.jpg