My BAby Chloe!!

  1. here are a few pics of my cutie baby chloe. Shes only 3 months old but she already has expensive taste. She enjoys sleeeping in my LV, playing in them, and tries to play wiv my Bbag whenever I take it out from the dustbag. lol

    Hope you gals enjoy the pics! :yahoo:
    Photo-0166e.jpg Photo-0163.JPG Photo-0164.JPG
  2. awww! what a little sweetie she is! and nice name too! :smile:
  3. She's so teeny, tiny and cute. What a pretty name for a pretty kitty.
  4. That's so cute--she's adorable in your LV!:love:
  5. She's adorable!
  6. What a pretty baby! For some reason my cat Jack loves to lay on my LV's too.
  7. :love: Ohh,so lovely..very nice pics..
  8. so tiny! It's always exciting watching them grow up. I got my kitty when he was 9 months.
  9. thank you ladies. Yeh its really amazing to see kittens growing up. I got her when she was 8 weeks old, and she was soo tiny then. I think the leather of the bags jus smell so delicious to animals too, as well as to us!! hee hee.. :yahoo:
  10. Chloe is such a cutie! My baby's around the same age (3 1/2 months), they could be buddies if we were in the same country. :biggrin:
    My Bags 112.jpg
  11. Aww.. ur baby is soo cute! is it a he or a she?
    :yes: they could surely be buddies and they can celebrate their birthdays together! ;)
  12. Thanks! :biggrin:

    Muffin is a she, and an absolute ham for compliments. They grow up so fast, don't they? When is Chloe's birthday? Muffin would like to send her an e-card!
  13. chloe's birthday is on the 10/9, she turned 4 months old a few days ago.. hee hee..
    when is muffin's birthday? i really like the name muffin.. soo cute!! really suits her! :heart:
  14. aaaawww what a little sweetieee
  15. whatta charming kitty! :yes: