My Baby Came Today! :)

  1. I finally have in my grasp the COACH SOHO TWILL STRIPE TOTE! :yahoo: I've wanted this purse for 2 or 3 years and finally have it. Woohoo! :wlae:
    100_1902.jpg 100_1903.jpg 100_1904.jpg
  2. That is a gorgeous bag! Enjoy :drool:
  3. congrats! it's perfect for spring.
  4. Thanks! I know ^^^. I can't wait to break it out. But I have to coordinate some outfits first. :biggrin:
  5. So pretty! I love the colors, and I love stripes!
  6. congrats!! I have always loved that pattern! so pretty!
  7. How spring-y. Congrats!!!
  8. I love that bag and the colors are so clean and bright!
  9. Congrats... You are so lucky!!!
  10. gorgeous bag. good taste.
  11. Indigowaters, congratulations! That bag is gorgeous.. perfect for spring! :yes:
  12. Thanks ladies! :biggrin:
  13. Love it! I have been tracking those on eBay but i just haven't pulled the trigger on it. very nice, though!
  14. Gorgeous bag!! I used to have one, but sold it as I never used it the whole time that I had it... (I think it was just a timing issue, nothing to do with the bag!!). They seemed like they would be really durable though!!

    Great for Spring & Summer, I really like the stripe pattern!! Enjoy!!
  15. What a great bag for spring and summer! Congrats and enjoy it!