My "baby" Cabas it supposed to be HUMUNGOUS????

  1. To be fair, the SA called it the "coco cabas" and I had never seen one in real life. It has the code, 000379699 on the receipt.

    It is of washed caviar, has a CC medallion, has a quilted bottom and a smooth top 2/3 with no CC logo on the body like I thought the big size had.

    It measures 38cm top to bottom and roughly 45cm side to side :wtf:(very,very rough, ladies!! can't find tape measure,only have short ruler and am in hurry.)

    I will post up piccies when I get a chance to upload them.

    I adore the bag...I am a mother and a doctor and,as I stated in a previous post, not the skinniest of people so my bags can't easily be too big....but I've been expecting something SO much smaller!!!!!

    It's definitely a keeper and definitely doesn't look too small on me (that was a concern of mine LOL)...but it's a HUGE surprise, emphasis on huge!! there isn't a new season big cabas that's otherwise exactly identical to the little one, is there??:wtf:
  2. Oh and, including tax it was 1450 euros. It has a little make-up bag inside.
    it's just that i thought the bag looked big in the reference thread because the girls modelling it were so skinny...LOLOLOL!

    aaaaaaaaaah...i found an A number on the box:

    A35297Y04540. and it says " Grand Shopping". (It's NOT a GST; it looks exactly like all the baby Cabas piccies except HUMUNGOUS. I'm 5'2 and when on my shoulder it comes down to the middle of my butt...LOL.

    someone please tell me i don't have the large.
  3. lol the baby cabas is supposed to be a smaller version of the original coco cabas! IMHO, i think it's just right for me. i have one and my frame is 5'4 and i'm a size 00-0. so it really depends on your personal preference. the baby cabas is so roomy!
  4. Hi there, hmmm, maybe you should post pics and we can all see how big it is!
    Well, it if is of any help, I just got a khaki baby cabas from the US. The code on the tag is A33986Y04356, and it says "SMALL TOTE BAG" and then after it, there 's: 70943 KHAKI.:hrmm:
  5. Thank you spring blossoms. It does appear that I have the large cabas, and that its exterior has changed to look like the small one. I was waitlisted for the small one for the longest time, and I wonder why they have now sent me a big one. I am quite disappointed, since I already have a YSL medium downtown bag which is all the big, black tote I needed :sad:.

    My baby is now sleeping in the room where my only full length mirror is,so I can't take a modelling pic, but a "straight" pic is coming up.
  6. ok I've just checked with my SA and it's definitely the smallest size ever made. whew. but if anyone else has the measurements of theirs (the ones in the reference thread seem smaller) I'd be grateful.
  7. I never thought of the baby cabas as humongous - post pics of yours!

    Here are the approximate dimensions of the baby cabas:
    [FONT=Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif]15.5" W X 9" H X 7.5" D[/FONT]
  8. Hi QuirkyCool and congrats on your new big/large baby cabas!There was a thread about a month ago about this new version of the baby cabas:
    This is a 07A (Autumn 2007)release amd it's got 2 sizes which by the way are identical in design with each other .One is what we decided to call "the new big/large baby cabas" and the other the "new small BC" lol!
    The old baby cabas was somewhere between these 2 new sizes in dimentions.Also on the new versions the leather on the chain is different from the old version -slightly different -it resembles more that of a braided leather chain not an interwoven one
    I've seen both bags IRL (I'm in Vienna) and the price is right!
    Also the big comes in black and the small in brown from what I read and saw so far!
    Personally I loved it because I always wanted a big cabas to look like the baby.BTW the new baby version is really tiny for me since it's smaller than the old baby!A fellow Fer Jayne 1 I think has got it and posted pics .I'll make a search for you!Hope it helped!:smile:
  9. chanelspell, you are SUCH a darling. I missed that thread. i saw that some people on the ref thread were talking about big babies but I assumed that they were confused:lol:.

    Well I've organised a babysitter and I'm schlepping all the way to Amsterdam tomorrow to see whether I like anything in the store better than Big Baby. I really do think that Big Baby is too big and too shapeless for me. I have some pics incl modelling ones (which are brave), but PHH will be home soon so I'll be sure to post them, along with the outcome of my adventure, on here tomorrow.:flowers:
  10. You're welcome QuirkyCool!Oh can't wait to hear what you'll decide on and for your pics !:yes:
  11. the baby isn't really big so you must have the large (the easiest way to tell is the handles -- they have the braided leather like the luxury line). i agree that the large looks overwhelming.
  12. About 2 weeks I saw the baby cabas in black at Chanel/SCP and did not look that big on me, and I'm only 5'3!, post pic when you'll get a chance... will like to see it.:smile:
  13. Have you taken the stuffing out and put your own stuff in? I does look big and awkward when it is stuffed. It collapses nicely after wearing acouple times.
  14. The bag gets softer with use. It is a bit stiff right out of the box. For me, I think the small cabas is a bit too small. I think the large baby is a nice size.