My Baby BMW

  1. Today I was out shopping and put my bags in my car before I went to have lunch with my friend. I noticed that on my *brand new* BMW Z4 M Coupe (wedding present from DH) there was a HUGE dent and several scratches the entire width of the car. My insurance will cover all of it but it still breaks my heart. Anyone ever had something like this happen to them? :crybaby::rant:

    Here's a picture of the car. There are 3 major scratches the WIDTH of the car on the back. :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:


    Just to clarify the picture above is not the actual car...obviously. My car is at the mechanic's right now.
  2. sorry.....That stinks!
    I have a BMW SUV....I have to say I have a few scratches on mine that appeared after a mall trip...eek
  3. So sorry this happened to you, gorgeous car!
    Got a small dent on my BM shortly after I bought it, someone putting something into the car & made the dent I was so mad!
  4. EEEK! That seriously sucks!!

    My mom has a convertable Z3 in that same color! It is soooo much fun to drive when Im visiting her!
  5. Thanks girls :smile: TPFers always make me feel better.

    I love the Z3 convertible! It's such a cute car. Reminds me of the Porsche Boxter. Another great car.
  6. Aww I'm so sorry!

    Do you think someone banged their car door into the side of your car and decided to just ignore it?
  7. Oh so sorry. I know the feeling well.
  8. That's always such a bummer w/ a new car. I remember when my car was brand spankin' new & I hit the garage! What a sinking feeling!

    Don't worry, you'll pay the deductible & it'll be perfect once again!:yes:
  9. Possibly, but I think someone drove too close to my car and some part of their car scraped against my car. The part that is all scratched is the back. There is a big dent in the back right corner too.
  10. The nerve of some people! Absolutely no respect for anyone else's property. I love my car too. On day 3 of getting it from the dealership, I got a big door ding. :cursing: The dent was removed, but the scratch remained. Sorry this happened to you.
  11. That's horrible. Dh just got me a brand new, fully loaded Cadillac Escalade....too funny, but I always park FAR away from everybody else. The kids think I'm nuts and wonder why we have to walk so far! LOL

    I hope it's fixed soon!
  12. My 16 year old twins just got thier licenses...and 2 "new" used cars (Honda Accord and VW Jetta)...when I went to get my insurance stuff done I discovered that my BMW insurance (my precious car) was going to go up 5X what it had been. I loved (past tense) that car!!! It was a 2003 325 with manual transmission. I was the only one in the family that could drive it (DH is 6'7" and it was just too small). So, we (family) just decided that it wasn't practical to keep it. :crybaby:

    I am now driving a BIG BLACK SUBURBAN! :push:When I got it it actually had SPINNERS on it and an amp with BIG subs in the back. It has "presidential" tint, which means it you can't see in it at all. It is the most ghetto-fabulous car you have ever seen. All my friends laugh...all my son's friends want it. I took the spinners off and kept the black 22" rims. If you have ever seen the MTV show "Rob & Big", it looks just like their car! I went from classy and understated to...I don't even know what. After driving this for a week, I am telling you that when the twins go off to college in two years I am getting a Mini-Cooper...
  13. ^^^^ That's TOO funny! Now you need to get some grillz for your teeth and a baseball cap!

    Think2Day - so sorry about your car. Makes you wonder where all the civility has gone. Some people!
  14. I'd be pissed!!!! :cursing: I make a point to park as far away as I can (even though my car isn't new) and there's always an @$$#0!& that parks next to it. Envy is terrible. Hope you get back as good as new.
  15. sorry to hear! i've learned it the hard way to never buy a brand new car ever again. i'm very happy buying used.. and in this day and age you can get a used 2006 car and the price is so much less. the only things i buy brand new anymore are clothes, appliances, and bedding.