My Baby Blue Is Here *****pics*******

  1. Shes more beautiful IRL - I so much love her - my BF says hell carry her for me ALL the time & that he wants me to carry his wallet _ LOL - Yeah right !!!!

    I really thought it was gonna be much bigger but is the perfect size - and i was thinking in a maddy instead, good I didnt cuz I think it would have been too small- although im waiting for my Cognac maddy 4m JC (shes in CA in a clearance process along with my black ramona and purple mahala.

    Robyn Casey is so great - she was on top of everything all the time, I have email her and let her now shes in her mommys arms (but right now sleepping) and that I adore her and my baby blue -

  2. That is my FAVORITE color Mahala you lucky girl! :heart::heart:

    Such a beautiful bag....enjoy her!! :yahoo:
  3. congrats and enjoy!
  4. It's beautiful!!! Congrats!
  5. Looks great on you Gris -- congrats!!!
  6. awesome bag! You will rock it!
  7. WOW:drool: What a Gorgeous piece of Art. Congratulations and I hope you just love her to death.

    I am so glad you liked Casey:happydance: She is such a Wonderful lady and has been such a Sweetie to all the "Choo Aholics":choochoo::choochoo:

    We'll look forward to more photos of your other babies when they arrive:party:
  8. Congrats - she looks fantastic.
  9. Nice bag. Wow, you went crazy at JChoo!! Can't wait to see all the new ones!!:yahoo:
  10. Congrats on your new bag gris! Enjoy.

    p.s.--Did I ever tell you that your avatar scares me? :shocked:
  11. me too!
    whats the deal with the creepy eyes?
  12. Robyn - yes Casey is lovely, I called her earlier today too - I wanted to talk to her and thank her again - she's so bad though!!! telling me all this beautiful bags that she has. But what really impress me the most is that the bag she sold me is the one she was holding for her, it was the last one she had until they get more - so for that I love her even more!!

    Jmcadon - I did went crazy at the web - but today the purple Mahala arrived and I did not like it at all so I return it, is too shiny and too dark, I will rather have the black mahala......

    Cosmopolitan & Lady China Doll - sorry I did not meant to scare you all !!! LOL - I really like that pic.

    Well the news are after speaking with Casey and sending back the Purple Mahala - Casey is holding the only Aubergine Malena she has for me and I decided I will order the Black Watersnake Ramona from her as well ( I do not want to go thru the same thing as Robyn ) .... so I will keep you all posted
  13. Gris -- I'm confused are the Purple and Aubergine Mahalas the same color?? I would love to see the Aubergine IRL!!! But sounds like it might be very dark.
  14. ^^ I know - I was confused too - which is why I order the purple mahala in the first place ....

    This is the Purple Mahala


    This is the Aubergine Mahala

    I so much like the Aubergine
  15. Thanks Gris!!! Sre they both the same price or is the Aubergine more? Hope you like the Aubergine, can't wait to see it!!! Lucky you -- two amazing Mahalas, electric blue and aubergine!!