My baby Belle is going in tomorrow

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  1. Well, tomorrow is the day that Belle goes in to get spayed and microchipped. I am so nervous. I know she'll be fine, but I have read all the worst-case scenarios on the internet, so my mind is running wild about everything that can happen.

    What can I expect when she comes home?
  2. Good for you!
    OK, you want to make sure she is discharged with pain meds and antibiotics. Make sure you write down when the vet wants you to start the meds, because it is likely they will have started her on some during the surgery.
    She will have a few sutures on her abdoman, she will be groggy, and in some pain, yes. You should keep her confortable, no jumping, stairs, playing until the sutures come out! The first night she will be groggy and I always felt that the day after the procedure was the worst, so keep her in her bed and make sure there is water close by.
    Animals recover so fast, amazing!! She will want to run and play within a few days, but she needs to stay quiet.
    Now you have decreased her chance of having mammary tumor cancer by about 89%, and she will never have pus in her uterus, oh, I could go on, but this is the best thing to do.

    And don't cry! She will be ok. Write tomorrow and tell us how she is doing and we will support you!!
  3. I just wanted to add, please take it easy on the food/water tonight. Just give her some water maybe an hour or so after she gets home. Not too much because she may vomit. Feed her a small amount tomorrow morning. Don't worry if she isn't interested in eating -- it's just a side effect from the anesthesia and pain meds she is on. Also, she may be constipated for the next few days, so worry if she doesn't poop. The other possibility is that she may have soft stool. Again, this is normal.
    Keep her confined and do not leave her alone unsupervised while she has her stitches in. It's also a good idea to check her ears and paws to see if they are warm. Hot paws and ears could indicate a fever, which can be a sign of post-surgical infection.
  4. Belle will be fine! Just be calm and loving with her, remeber dogs sense when you are upset.
    My Dal jumped out of the car, ran up the stairs and jumped on the bed.
    Keep us updated!
  5. She will be fine. They are definitely very groggy dachshund wasn't himself for at least 3 days. Just keep a close eye on her--no jumping, running, ect....oh and keep her away from the stitches. :smile:
  6. I took her in this morning on my way to work. She definitely knew that something was going on. She's an outside dog, but we let her sleep in the garage when it's cold. After I let her out to do her business, I took her bed inside and layed it out with a fluffy blanket. She looked confused. And she really started getting nervous when I put her in the truck. Poor girl...she had no idea...
  7. my kitten winston got neutered today! he definitely knew something was up when i took him in... he's recovering right now, i hope belle is doing okay!
  8. I had Toby neutered on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend cuddling him. Poor little dog, he looked sad and I felt terrible but knew it was for the best. Good luck to your little girl today!
  9. I called yesterday afternoon and she made it through surgery just fine. They kept her last night and I get to pick her up today!!!
  10. my 6 month old puppy was spayed last week. I was such a baby I cried dropping her off and cried picking her up. (people in the vets office thought I was nuts). I brought her back 3 times to get her temp checked because my pup did not want to walk for 4 days. (again they thought I was nuts). she was very sad and totally not her crazy self. It has almost been 10 days and she is fine.

    Just to let you know it could take a while for them to be themselves.

    Good Luck, I am sure she will be fine!!
  11. ^^^ I honestly believe that how our pets behave is totally related to our emotional state. If you get stressed or nervous, they pick up and react to that. If you're calm, they are. So my advice to the OP, is just to try to be calm and relaxed. Additional nervous energy is stressful and slows the healing process.
  12. When I showed up at the vet to get her, she jumped out of their cage, ran down the hallway, and jumped on a cat. The vet had to almost wrestle her down to get her colar and leash on. The surgery did not seem to slow her down a bit. After I got her home, what was her first order of business? Run out the back door, inspect her yard, and bark at the birds.

    I guess every animal handles it differently. She's an outside dog, but I am keeping her in until it warms up. I don't think she likes being confined. She drove up crazy most of the night.

    I obviously had nothing to worry about.