My baby arrived today!!!!

  1. I bought this on a whim from eBay and felt very secure that it was authentic. Been wanting one for a long time. I'm envious of those close to an outlet. My closest one is Palm Springs-4 hours away! Anyway-I feel like I've given birth to another baby I love this one so much! So MUCH so, that I saw another one on eBay last night for even cheaper and I bought it too! Any takers for one of them? I'll have to put one on eBay and try to even out my costs! I'm such a nut for a bargain, especially when it's a coach bargain!!
  2. Beautiful buy! But we cannot sell on tPF unless you have been accepted into the market place and sell there.
  3. gorgeous !
  4. so gorgeous... whats the name of that bag again?
  5. beautiful bag, congrats! :tup: Do you mind if I ask what you paid for them?
    BTW We are not allowed to buy/sell here. :nogood:
  6. beautiful! congrats!
  7. Are we allowed to trade bags? I have a black shoulder legacy NWT that is similar to this one but different. I will trade. :tup:
    Hopefully I'm not breaking any of the rules.
  8. :nogood: Not unless you are accepted as part of the Marketplace and just to apply you have to have a minimum of months on the board (6 I think) and # of posts (500 I think).
  9. It's the Legacy Satchel in Whiskey. Sorry about the selling thing-new to the forum but loving it! I paid $420 with shipping, but saw another one on ebay this morning for $393 buy it now. I need to just stop looking. It drives me nuts when I find one cheaper than what I paid. That's what got me into trouble and now I have 2 of them-LOL. The more expensive one was $498. That's probably a fortune from what they were at the outlet, but with $698 retail and not available in the boutiques anymore, I still considered it my splurge-late Christmas present.
  10. OOOOHHHH I love the white bag. HMMMM-springs on its way. I might have to think about needing a white bag-LOL
  11. what other color did you get hooked? besides your whiskey one? so chic! definitely a gorgeous satchel! :tup:
  12. I got BOTH in Whiskey. I love the british tan/whiskey!
  13. My husband thought he was being cute and said it's the size of a diaper bag (I have 2 girls under 2). He got the look of death!

  14. I'm such a newbie here but enjoying every minute so far. Too bad there's no trading or this board would be as popular as ebay for purse lovers! Aw well.
  15. hahaha hooked.. i swear thats how husbands get when you mention the word COACH.. they are like NOOOOO not another one! haha :lecture: good buys... I love this satchel... any modeling pics??