My baby arrived.... metallic luxe bowler

  1. ok, i know everyone has seen this bag a million times before.... heehee... but i had to share... my baby is here!:yahoo:she travelled from tampa, fl to columbia, sc (i sent it to my bf so i didn't have to pay tax) and finally she arrived in manhattan this afternoon! i took her out for a spin... and got many admiring glances... heehee:P

    sorry the pic sucks... i took it with my webcam... i don't quite know where my camera went. will post more pix when i find it...

    this is from this season.... it's the goatskin right? i wanted the matt black but i missed out on it... but this is JUST AS GORGEOUS! :love::love::love:
  2. congrats it's beautiful.
  3. Wow!...I really adore this bag, it's a really beautiful piece. Congrats!
  4. oh jeshika you're SO lucky to have this bag!!! :drool: it's so BEAUTIFUL!!! i'm SO jealous :smash:
    BUT congrats :yahoo: and thanks for sharing a pic!! :wlae:
  5. Great looking handbag! I am sure you will emjoy.
  6. Congratulations. If it is from Fall/Winter 2006 then it's the deerskin.
  7. oooh, thanks smooth... it's from this season... so it's deerskin then. :P
  8. No, that's the goatskin. Saks ordered the spring goatskin and managed to get them in for fall. I have the deerskin and it is a different texture than your bag. Yours is definitely the goatskin. How does the leather feel?
  9. Really Roe? They were able to order some goatskin for fall? Hm, I learn something new everyday. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. you are right roey... the leather is not as soft as the deerskin (i saw a bunch of those while i was in HK)... and its alot shinier.... i remember the deerskin being alot floppier.

    are the deerskin ones sold out everywhere? mmmm.... now i'm curious to make a comparison...
  11. Absolutely gorgeous!!!
  12. congrats! that's a great bag!
  13. Congrats! I can look at the luxe ligne bags all day :nuts: .
  14. Wow, so gorgeous. Enjoy that little gem. Congrats!!!!!!!!!
  15. Saks somehow managed to get the metallic goatskin in for fall. I have one coming on Monday!

    The deerskin is getting harder to find, especially the black. Bronze seems to be more readily available. Nordstrom just sold their last black deerskin (to a PM member!) and I'm not even sure if Saks ordered the black deerskin for fall. I thought someone said they have matte black but it might be the smooth calfskin.