my babies..

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  1. hi...
    kinda new to this forum, and first time i visited the Chanel side of things..
    i have only a few more Chanel's to share with you guys. You have probably seen them 1000 times before,but these are the only 2 that i can't sell...refuse to sell...
    here we go

    thanks for looking
  2. What beauties. I wouldn't want to let them go either.
  3. very pretty!
  4. Ooooh I like.
  5. The black cambon is my favorite as well. Beautiful bags. I wouldn't let anything go either.
  6. thank you all so very much!
  7. oHHHHHH! Cute collection!
  8. I love the Cambon line.

    Very nice!
  9. Very nice collection.
  10. love your collection!!
  11. thanks!!!
    i have a pretty extensive collection of lvs and gucci and balenciaga as well. i have posted those in the lv forum...if anyone wants to take a look:smile:
    i don't have pics of the balenciaga right the process of those are stored away.
    thanks again for the complements
  12. gorgeous pieces :heart:
  13. i found this just at first...
    it's a few yearsold, but very useful! DH calls it my snowboarding jacket..a $1200 jacket for thanks
    thanks again for letting me post
    chanel jacket.jpg chanel jacket...jpg