**my babies**

  1. i love it
  2. amazing!!
  3. Thanks ladies!!! :biggrin:

  4. wow love that balenciaga!! and the LV :yahoo:
  5. wowww LOVE the balenciaga
  6. great collection Love the Chanel and LOVE the balenciaga
  7. thanks for the :heart: ladies!!

    although, ms. balenciaga brief is no longer in my collection.. it was too heavy for me to keep her!
    BUT... i have a new balenciaga en route to replace her!! i'll be sure to share! :yahoo:

  8. nice collection
  9. Great collection!! Love the BAL!!!
  10. What a wonderful collection you have. I love your LVs.
  11. You have a gorgeous collection, congrats!
  12. Great collection!
  13. Nice collection Anika!
  14. Thanks ladies!!!!
    I have 2 balenciaga on the way!!! Yay! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    My next project is to post mod pics of my bags for reference to all the petite girls out there like me! :p:p

  15. Gorgeous collection - thanks for sharing!