My babies

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  2. Love your display and your gorgeous Bow Bag!
  3. Love your storage system and love the " keep calm and buy shoes" picture frame. It's so true! :smile:
  4. Love your display!

    And I just got this bag yesterday!! (BTW did you put a photo of this on the instagram thread?) I really really love it!!!
  5. Thank you!:biggrin: Yes I posted in the instagram thread :smile:
  6. I saw it there, then searched it out! So thank you!!! I think it's going to be one of my favs!
  7. Oh, how fun! :biggrin: You`ll love it. It`s already one of my favorites. Use it all the time. And the leather.. Soo soft and smooshy :biggrin:
  8. Love ur collection, great taste! thank for sharing
  9. All are nice!
  10. I like how crisp are your pictures! Nice bag too and beautiful color!
  11. Thank you so much girls! :biggrin:

    By the way, is it not possible to edit the first post? I was thinking about updating the first post with all the pictures but couldn`t find the edit button? :nogood:
  12. Great collection!! I love your storage unit!
  13. Going to Paris tomorrow!!! So excited! If I don`t come home with a new bag something is wrong with me :biggrin: I will post pictures asap :biggrin:
  14. [​IMG]
    :lol: Traveling in style, haha. My Marc by Marc Jacobs pink nylon tote is the perfect size when I`m traveling :smile:
  15. Lovely Collection :smile: