My babies..

  1. Love all the balenciagas here! Wished I had one in every color! :P

    Here's mine to share.. black pony hair city, and burgundy twiggy! :graucho:
  2. GORGEOUS Bbags London!!! Use them well!!! I really love the black pony hair city! I love how the silver hardware pops!
  3. Nice bags!
  4. you got great b-bags...
  5. You have two fabulous bags there! The black pony hair is TDF and I love your burgundy twiggy!:love: Thanks for sharing pics of your bags.:flowers:
  6. Beautiful bags thanks for sharing! ;)
  7. love your twiggy!
  8. Nice bags!! :heart:
  9. Thanks girls! I'm want to add a hobo to my Balenciaga family now, after having seen some gorgeous ones in Sky Blue! That color is TDF!!!:heart: :heart:

    If anyone is giving that up, pls send me a PM!
  10. Gorgeous bags, London!:flowers:
  11. Fabulous bags!
  12. Verrrry pretty! I love the glossiness of the Pony bags with the bright silver hardware! and who doesn't adore a Twiggy! Very nice collection.

    I wish you well,

  13. Thanks for sharing your family pic! That bordeaux twiggy is fab.
  14. GORGEOUS bags london..... CONGRATS :flowers: :yahoo: ! Thank you for sharing :love:
  15. :love: yummy! thanks so much for sharing!!!
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