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  1. Hello to everyone! As a new member i would like to share the larger part of my collecting with you guys! As i live in Greece some of the items of my collection was difficult to acquire and were bought mainly from Milan or Paris or from the Internet. I am only 27 years old so i hope that as i grow older my collection will blossom....enjoy:heart:
    Pictures 064.jpg

    Pictures 063.jpg

    Pictures 065.jpg

    Pictures 066.jpg
  2. Bump, sorry for the late approval!
  3. Great collection!!!:nuts:
  4. Wow. I love that Dior hobo especially, though they're all yummy!
  5. awesome collection, love your denim baggy!
  6. You have a great collection, thanks for sharing!
  7. i love your gucci flats
    and in the um 4th pic are those silver ones flats
    bc i love them too!
    i wish i could wear heels but id be a giant
  8. Holy Dior madness!! Great collection.
  9. Oooh you have some fabulous pieces, such as the fleurs vernis bracelet, and the CL pumps ! Great collection ! :biggrin:
  10. Guys i just saw that my bag showcase was approved can you believe it? I was checking all the time but i thought i did something wrong and it would never show up.Thank you everyone for your kind words:heart: !
    Used to be a Dior freak...
  11. Great collection!! I love those LV shoes, they are amazing!
  12. WOW. I'm falling more and more for the Montsouris... :heart:.
  13. nice collection, great dior collection
  14. i like your chloe, cause i all have one~~~
  15. you got a wonderful collection.. those diors..... oh, I want those.. they are so pretty...
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