My Babies!

  1. Thought I'd post a few pics of my pets for you all.

    Mostly my labradoodle, Chara. She's 2 and is just the best dog we could ever have asked for. My boyfriend once called her his "number one girl" and I didn't even get mad, THAT is how much I love this dog! :love:


    Also I have a californian king snake called Steve. He's so tiny and lovely, people are always scared of him at first but he's a sweetheart.



    Love them like kids!
  2. awww Very cute!! She looks like a lovable dog! The snake is kinda freaky, but hey I'm glad you love it! :smile:
  3. As I said, people always say that about him! He's not even got any teeth, he's totally harmless!
  4. I'd rather pet the dog but I have to admit the snake is fierce. ;)
  5. aww! I love that first pic of Chara! She looks like a real sweetheart~

    I'm OK with snakes and don't mind petting them but don't think I'll ever have one as a pet. I think they're really cool tho!
  6. :nuts: omg your dog is absolutely adorable!!!!! she looks like a doll!
  7. Such a cute doggie!
  8. I'm not a fan of snakes but Chara is cute!
  9. Your dog is a cutie. Such a sweet face. Snakes kind of scare me though...
  10. Your dog is very cute and that snake is awesome.
  11. I love your dog! What a cutie!
  12. Chara is in the dog house (not literally LOL) after stealing a slice of birthday cake yesterday, bad girl! As soon as my Mum came in the room she sat up straight and gave a paw, she always knows when she's been naughty! :heart:
  13. Love Chara!
  14. Awww!! She's so cute and fluffy! I like the snake too...he's very sexy :smile:
  15. Love your pics :smile: