My babies!

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  1. I LOVE LV!!! Here is a picture of my babies.

    Attached Files:

  2. Love your LVs-especially the antigua
  3. You really are a fan :tup:. Very nice.
  4. I love the Bastille and Beverly the most!!! :drool:

    Nice collection btw! ;)
  5. whoa! looks like everything's new! good job! :graucho:
  6. so much LV! Nice! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Love your LV
  8. Wonderful collection....I love it all!!!!
  9. Thanks everyone for looking. Have any of you seen the new Neverfull? I think it's adorable and affordable!!!
    That's definitely next on my list!
  10. Girl, you love you some LV don't ya? Nice collection.
  11. :okay:great collection!
  12. Fantastic collection!
  13. Love the Bastille and Mat Willwood!
  14. i love your new babies, some of them look so fresh too ( i mean all of them do, the ones that can have patina don't!) you must not use them often or you must alternate frequently. bravo! i also like the way that you displayed it. they all equally have a full shot. nice job
  15. LV everything! :tup::tup::tup: