my babies~~

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  1. i'm really bad at taking pictures of my bags... i don't think i did them justice... but oh well.. here they are~~

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  2. Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Lovely collection....thanks for posting!
  4. Great collection- love the LVs and Burberry
  5. thanks thanks!
    i'm working on saving up more money for b-bags!
    can't wait til i can get my hands on one!!
  6. love ur bags =) keep it up
  7. you have a great collection!
  8. Great collection - lots of variety ! :yes:

  9. dumdumsun- what is the white bag in the thrid pic, i love it!
  10. hello pursegrl12~
    it's a Marc Jacob!!
    I bought it on NM website last year. I'm not sure what the name of this bag is tho.... Sorry...
    Love the bags, bad with the names...:supacool:
  11. Is that a red noe i see?? :nuts:
  12. Every bag is beautiful! Great collection.
  13. Thanks for sharing your lovely collection!
  14. that's right MzSHERRY! it is indeed a red noe~ i bought it used but it's still beautiful! :heart:

    love your doggy with your fendi;)
  15. thanks everyone! for all your kind words!:tup: