My babies.....

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  1. Okay, here are some pics of my dogs. I finally figured out how to get the pics small enough to post.
    As you can see, I LOVE my Starbucks coffee and so I have named my babies accordingly: Mocha is the momma, she is the only one with the pointy ears. Chino (Cappaccino) is the little dark one, the smallest one. And of course my "fat boy" Latte, he is the lighter colored boy with the floppy ears and is chubby.
    Finally, Vanilla Bean, she is the newest member of the family and is soooooo freakin cute. They are Pom/Chi's and are only 6-11 lbs. Vanilla Bean, is only 1 1/2 lbs! Check out her eyes.:drool:
    And that's me with all of them. The pic on the end is Latte again.

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  2. I LOVE the picture with your babies on your lap---so cute! They are all absolutely precious!
  3. soooo cute!
  4. Could they be any cuter?????:love:
  5. Wow - supercute!:yes:
  6. Aw!!So cute :heart:
  7. Aww they all so cute! Loves the names btw!
  8. Adorable!:yes:
  9. Omg so cute! Chihuahuas are great, arent they?
  10. Yes, I love my doggies. Mine are also part Pomeranian. So they aren't too hyper, and very smart. :yes:
  11. OMG they are all so adorable.
  12. Awww they are so cute. I love their names!!
  13. :P:P My husband hates when I call all their names out loud. Like if we are out somewhere and they all wander around, I yell out their names: MochaChinoLatte!!!! :cursing: People look at me like I'm just yelling out random things or something. :confused1: Usually they don't notice my dogs because they are small until they are close to me. Then they get a look of relief and think that it's either cute or lame. My hubby just says "Oh, jeez..."
    And now we have little Vanilla Bean.....;)