My babies

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  1. Hello All,
    I just had to post recent pics of my babies...

    I have a golden, Rusty...He is four years old and is MY BABY!!! I love him so!!!!

    We also have a german shorthair pointer, Kelley.... she is my hubby's girl...she is a bird hunter...(yucky) but that is my hubbies thing....

    We love dearly and I just thought you might enjoy!!!

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  2. Such sweethearts!
  3. They are both adorable!!!
  4. Lucky you and lucky pups! They are adorable and look so happy and content!
  5. awww what cutie pies :smile: !!! i love them they look like they have smiles on their faces ;)
  6. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a happy dog!
  7. So cute!!^-^
  8. They are so cute and they look so loving and nice:heart::smile:
  9. They are adorable!!!
    Thanks for sharring pics!
  10. Adorable!!
  11. Makes me happy to see a pooch with a big ole' grin on their face. Precious pups you have:heart:
  12. They are so cute!!!
  13. Aww, they look sooo happy.:smile:
  14. awww adorable!
  15. Thank you so much everyone!!!

    They are very happy babies and they make me happy as well!!!!