My Babies

  1. Here is a photo of my babies
    Tasha is the Ragdoll she is 2 years old
    Max is the Burmese x British Longhair, he is 7 months old.
    They are my pride and joy :smile:
    I think they are the best looking cats, but, I maybe abit biased :p [​IMG]
  2. they're both so gorgeous!! look at those stunning eyes...
  3. awww they are soo gorgeous!! :heart:
  4. Beautiful kitties! I like your house too!
  5. Gorgeous!!
  6. Very pretty kitties!:smile:
  7. i totally agree they`re the best looking ones ! :heart: :nuts: :heart:
  8. Those are gorgeous babies!
  9. AWWWW and sooo gorgeous too!:smile:
  10. They are beautiful!
  11. I agree, they are the best looking cats.
  12. Tasha has that look on her face....the one that all my furbabies get when they realize they rule the house! Absolutely spoiled and they know it!:p
  13. Ha Ha that is very true, she is a little Princess, whenever anyone comes over they always ask how the little Princess is.
  14. They are beautiful!
  15. Awe, what beauties!