my babies!

  1. here's the first bag i ever bought that i considered to be high end, this was a few years ago, i bought it in bloomies and i fell in love with the photo on the bag, i'm a photographer myself so i loved the artwork. this is mainly why i buy bags, they are peices of art to me.

    it is an Icon bag. i love it. i hardly use it any more though.
  2. i went thru a bunch of other bags, i used to have 2 diors, but i sold them. my next big purchase was the red jasmin bag. it's very conservative to me, but very beautiful. i hardly use this one either, but i will soon enough.
    P30929.jpg P30930.jpg
  3. i love chanel. who doesn't? notice, the price tags just keep getting bigger. lol.
  4. then i fell in love with the pewter balenciaga. it's the small size. it is such a hot bag.
  5. then i bought my first paddington bag. the wine/burgundy. it looks a little deflated... how sad!
  6. then i bought this gucci horsebit hobo, i love it and i haven't used it yet. it's probably been in my closet for over a month now. this is one of those bags that i haven't told or shown anyone yet, so you guys are the first to see! haha.
  7. and my most recent is my anthracite paddington. i know you've all seen it already, but here it is again. that's all folks! i try to keep my collection small-ish. :love:
  8. I absolutely adore your first bag that you designed it's really personal, - cool.

    Love that anthracite paddy!!!! Great collection! :love: :love: :love:
  9. I love both your paddies, so cute !
  10. I love your Chanel bag. It's so cute!!!
  11. I likey I likey! GUCCI 4-EVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!:lol:
  12. Cute pics, I really like the first :biggrin:
  13. i've gotta say, i love 'em all, and after seeing it i REALLY want one of the pewter eBay i go! hehe. mind telling us how much it was originally?
  14. ooooh....i've been eyeing that gucci bag for quite a few weeks. does it have a zip top or is it open?
  15. I LOVE your anthracite paddington!!! hehe
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