My Babies just got home from the vet :(

  1. They went in to get their teeth cleaned...

    The little guy (Black&white)came home with 1tooth missing
    and my princess came home without 2 and with sutures (back molars)

    but since the little guy got home...his tongue has been able to fit in his mouth a little better ( i guess his tooth isn't bugging him anymore....but you can still see a bit...makes him look loony)

    The doctor gave them pain med.....I think they're a bit "doped" up...

    Is there anything I should do to make them feel better.....?:sad:

    Car ride home ---->
  2. Just lots of mama's loving and keep them comfortable and let them rest.......poor little sweeties. Keep us posted how they are later today........
  3. Oh your doggies are so cute!! I need to take mine in for dental work too, but I am worried the anethesia would hurt her as she is old ...
  4. lotsa hugs and kisses will make them better!

    aww..ur babies look so cute! I lol'd at the 'looney' comment!
  5. no, not looney...adorable!!!!! awwww hehe I have a thing for little chi's with their tongues sticking out, I'm not kidding. I'm always looking at chi's to adopt, and see quite a few with their tongues like's endearing!!

    Big smoochies to both of them!
  6. Here's one of my favortires of shows his true personality!!
  7. What cute pics MissV! Give 'em hugs from me, hope they'll feel better soon.
  8. MissV-- your Chis are precious! I have 2 of my own and they are the best!

    I just wanted to say how wonderful it was for you to get their teeth cleaned. I know it can be scary to put them under the anesthesia, etc. However, I used to work a few days a week at a vet's office and cannot tell you how essential dental hygeine is for dogs!

    You are a great dog mommy!!

    :sad: I have the whole dental thing to look forward to for my little guys in apx a year...they have to get bloodwork AND anesthesia!!! :sad:
  9. Ok, I want your dogs! They look adorable! They looks oooo cute! I really don't know what you can give them, but just giving them kisses, and hugs, and play with them. Again, your dogs are sooo cute!
  10. That is so cute. Not to worry, dogs have way more teeth than you think, and having painful teeth is no fun for them!! They will recover nicely. I give mine chicken baby food for a few days so they have something yummy and soft.
  11. Aw, your babies are so cute! :heart: They will be ok, just cuddle them and keep them comfy.
  12. pupster- YOUR PUPPYS ...especilly the one in your avater is SOOO CUTE!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh
  13. Awww, thank you!:flowers: