My babies - for work (obviously!!)

  1. When I started working in finance a few years back, the office was situated at a very fancy address. Obviously I needed a handbag to carry my stuff to work every day... And ended up with this in medium... (To be continued)
    LV medium.jpg
  2. After a while, I figured I needed a bigger one. You know, if I was spending a night somewhere, because of work... (To be continued)
    LV large.jpg
  3. Then there were the parties at work... (To be continued)
  4. After a while, winter happened, and my office got colder...
  5. After a while, I realized that I needed a black handbag for work as well...
  6. After a while, I realized that I also needed a colored bag - to cheer me up when I was at work... And of course the bag needed a matching bag charm!
  7. I needed to do something with my hair, and maybe dress up my brown and black handbags a bit - for work! And what could be more ideal than a few Coach ponytail scarves??
  8. After a while, I realized that I needed something to hold everything which is IN my handbag - when I'm at work! (Ipad Case, makeup pouch, sunnie glass and wallet...)
  9. After a while, a brown bag for parties at work wasn't enough, I needed a black one of course! I ended up with a Valentino, and the story seems to go on..... :p
  10. haha I LOVE how everything is oriented around your work LOL
    You should ask for a raise considering how much time, effort, and money you've spent for "work"

    Thanks for sharing, you've lightened my day :biggrin:

  11. Asking for a raise was a good idea, I might just do that :biggrin:
  12. DUH- obviously for work! ;)

    Soooo what can my excuse be since I'm a stay at home mom?! :smile:

    Nice collection! Great read too!
  13. This purse is TDF!
  14. I think you'll need lots of different bags to head out with your kids, because of the varying weather and all...
    And obviously some smaller bags for matching your party clothes when you've got a night off :biggrin:
  15. Great collection! I love the red patent LV.