My Babies finally arrived !!!


Jan 14, 2006
My Charlottes finally arrived 15 min. ago!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was so excited when I saw the postman from my window that I ran downstairs to catch up with him!!:shame:

As soon as I opened the parcel I fell in love all over again with these bags!!!

They are so gorgeous in person! The leather is so soft and the smell is sooooo good:love:

They are so dreamy:love: :love: :love:

Here they are!!!! I have the black, tourquoise and the light brown!!


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My goodness daregirl they are beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful!!:love:
I kept staring at the pics and couldnt decide which color i liked best!! Greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:amuse:


That light brown one is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too beautiful to be true!! :lol:
Dg, lucky you! Love love the turquoise! It's so summery! Would you be a sweet heart and take some close up pics of your turquoise? I can't wait to feel the leather with my hand, it looks delicious. Lucky gal, which one are you going to use first? You dream has finally come true!