My B-day

  1. WOEHOEE :d:yahoo:
    today is my B-day and I got a small present from LV.
    it's the Florin Wallet. I also got a wapity case a few weeks ago!

    I will post pics soon ;)
  2. Happy Birthday!

    Congrats! Can't wait to see your pressies!
  3. Congrats!!! & Happy birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your purchases :biggrin:
  5. Happy Birthday to you ! Congrats!!
    Another 2 more days is your christmas present time !!
  6. HAppy b'day & congrats :smile:
  8. Happy Birthday...can't wait for pics!!
  9. happy Bday... luck to have such great presents...:tup::yes:
  10. Happy Birthday!!!
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy birthday!!! and congrats!!!
  13. Happy Birthday and congrats on the LV pieces.
  14. congrats, I looooooove the wapity! happy birthday!
  15. Congrats and happy birthday :flowers: