My B-day Reveal.... Finally!!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Last month I wrote that the bag I've wanted finally came in. Well I went to pick it up on Good Friday, but it was supposed to be for my birthday which is today. I promised my husband I wouldn't open the box until my b-day. So after a month sitting in the closet I finally got to open it. Ahhhhhh now I can look at it. (YAH)
    I have been a little depressed today. My husband was very generous and my 2 boys were great but turning 39 has been depressing...
    But tonight I decided to take a picture of all my bags together and this brought a smile to my face. Didn't know taking a look at all my bags together would brighten my day.
    Goldie and Whitey are at the spa and missed very much!

    The Etoupe was from DH , the Evelyne and Kelly wallet from my boys.

    Thanks for letting me share.

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  2. great presents!! Sorry you were depressed, but I am glad to hear that your lovely menfolk conspired to give you some orange cheer!

    Great gifts, congratulations!!!

    39 is young, I promise. My mom is 89 and just bought a smart new townhouse....
  3. Hi, and Happy Birthday! Is there a way to make/post your pics bigger? I would love to see what you got for your special day!:flowers:
  4. happy birthday, kshin30!! Hey, didn't you get the memo? 39 is the new 29!!! I too would like to see your wouldn't enlarge for me.
  5. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the lovely bags. :yes:
  6. happy bday! awesome presents!
  7. Happy Birthday! :party:
  8. Sorry ladies,

    This is my first time posting pictures. I hope this works.

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  9. happy birthday, congrats :smile: You have a very beautiful collection on Hermes.
  10. Thanks everyone for cheering me up more.

    Ms. Fashionista- I like your thinking. My 7 year old told all his friends at afterschool that I turned 30 today and that I would stay 30 forever. I love him to death
  11. :party: Congrats!!! And Happy Birthday! :drinkup:
  12. Happy birthday and whatan amazing collection! :love:
  13. Happy birthday and CONGRATS, kshin30! Your b-day pressies are FABULOUS!



    and so are your pics and collection, btw... :yes:

  14. Happy Birthday to you kshin 30! :queen:for the day! I'm right there with you sister, 39 in two months.....i also read 39 is the new 29, now if I can just get my body to look like it too :roflmfao: You collection is stunning, that would cheer me up in a nanosecond! Every one of your birkins is in my top ten, 1) vert anis, 2) etoupe, 3) potiron 4) rouge 5) fuschia, 6) blue jean......I lvove the colors of the H rainbow! Happy birthday, be happy, :drinks: T.
  15. Happy Birthday! What lovely presents. :smile: Hope you enjoy them all for many more years to come~