My B-day presents and PCE Purchase!

  1. Hello all. I wanted to share my Birthday Presents, not too much but still love them. DH brough me flowers :love:, so cute and he got me a new pair of classic tall uggs, He got me a fat free frozen cherry cheesecake from TCBY...mmmm I also got this little soho flap from the Coach outlet, it was so lonely and cute I had to have it, so cheap too, only 110 with tax . And I finally got the minny skinny I wanted for so long and a super cute keychain during the PCE. Thanks bangshoo for your Xmass card too I loved it!! ahhh the teddy bear and chocolates are from DD.
    IMG_5225.jpg IMG_5243.jpg IMG_5246.jpg IMG_5289.jpg
    IMG_5259.jpg IMG_5265.jpg IMG_5171.jpg IMG_5179.jpg IMG_5180.jpg
  3. and my :love: uggs!! I know they are not so in anymore but who cares right?? ohh I forgot to add the dumbell pair I needed so bad for my work out :boxing:

    thank you for looking!
    IMG_5145.jpg IMG_5150.jpg IMG_5249.jpg IMG_5248.jpg
  4. Happy Birthday!

    I went yesterday to the outlet to get that mini skinny but they only had silver so I got that instead... It is so cute!
  5. You look gorgeous and the cake looks so yummy!

    Congrats on all the the Lurex skinny and the COACH keyfob! And who cares if UGGs aren't "in"? They're warm and comfy...I have that same pair and want a pair of short sand ones now too!
  6. Thank you.. I didnt see them at my outlet Darn It!!! , but I did see some of the legacy pieces you guys were talking about.. I wanted the pink gallery patent instead but they didnt have it at the store.
  7. happy b-day! i love the soho flap and keychain. who cares if uggs arent all that in anymore; theyre comfy, they keep your feet warm, and theyre cute!
  8. Happy birthday! I think you look just wonderful, and your Coach goodies are fantastic. Having a thoughtful family is one of the best presents you can ask for! Enjoy your special day!
  9. Happy Birthday! Congrats on all your awesome gifts! I plan on getting a pair of Uggs, and don't care whether they're "in" or not :yes:
  10. Happy Birthday! You got some great gifts and that cake looks really good (AND fat free? what more could you ask for?). As far as Uggs go, I love them. Everyone around where I live still wears them, comfy and warm...enjoy them!
  11. happy birthday!

  12. Thank you Girls!!! you all make me feel so good :flowers:. TejasMama you are so right, having my family is the best thing in my life :love:.
    Yeah, I love TCBY, some of their cakes are made of frozen fat free yogurt and one slice of regular strawberry cheesecake has the same calories that 3/4 of the TCBY cake we got, isnt that crazy???? :wtf:
  13. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the Coach goodies and the Uggs (love them)!
  14. Happy Birthday! Great gifts.
  15. Happy Birthday Crylater3 :flowers: