My b-day present is here! But what is it?

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  1. Hey all, I'm 40!! Yikes, not used to saying that just yet.

    Anyway, a dear friend gave me this adorable suede wristlet but I've never seen it before and don't know what it is it new? An older style? outlet find?

    I'm really, really curious!


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  2. It's cute! Such a lovely color for spring and summer! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  3. Happy Birthday!! That may be a soho wristlet. Is there a tag? Its really cute, love the color.
  4. ^^hmm, no tag and couldn't find a match on Oh well, I'm just gonna enjoy it!
  5. Happy birthday!!! That wristlet is gorgeous!!
  6. Very pretty color.....and happy birthday!!
  7. The outlet wristlets have that design (with the pocket in the front).

    Beautiful color!

    Happy Birthday! :party:
  8. ^^ gotcha! I don't know much about Coach but I wondered if it was an outlet find. Ta daaa!

  9. I have a black one exactly like that (from the outlet) and LOVE it!! It's probably my most used wristlet. That is a great summer color!!! Enjoy and Happy Birthday!
    Your new wristlet is gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. Happy Birthday!!! Love your wristlet - the color is gorgeous. It may be from the Hampton's line.
  12. It is Hamptons. Soho has the round buckle, Hamptons is the rectangular. What a lovely gift, and such a cheerful color. Enjoy it. Happy Birthday! :smile:
  13. That's a yummy color and a lovely gift! Happy Birthday and welcome to the DARK SIDE!! (40)
  14. It's a pretty color and happy bday :biggrin:
  15. I love that colour! very fresh! Happy birthday!!!!!!