My B-day gift

  1. Okay, so yesterday was my b-day. We decide to eat at the Cheescake Factory. But on the way there, I wanted to check and see if LV had the patchwork speedy in. Although I'm probably on the bottom of the waitlist, I was hoping that I could atleast see on. But there was none:crybaby:. My DH already got me the Fuschia denim speedy as an early b-day gift. Then he let me get the Dentelle Kirsten and said that too was a b-day gift. Plus I really want the patchwork. So my sweet leaves the table during dinner to get something in the car. Comes back with the coveted brown shopping bag:yahoo:. Lookie what was inside. I was looking at that color for a long time. It's soooo pretty. OMG, I got the whole set!!!


  2. Lovely!
    Happy (late) B'day! :yahoo:
  3. wwwwwwwwooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! OMG Im dying here!!!! They are sooo preeettty!!! The lichen is TDF! I would have that as a picture on my wall!!! lol, Hopefully getting the fuschia tomorrow!!! Yay =)

    Congrats again!!!! Do you use your neos a lot?
  4. Congrats and happy birthday ... your neo speedies are gorgeous, can't decide which color is more beautiful!
  5. Yes I do. Congrats on your Fuschia. I can't wait for you to get it. You're gonna love it.
  6. Happy belated birthday!

    Wow! I love the Lichen!
  7. congrats!
  8. OMG! congrats! its so beautiful!! happy birthday!! what an awesom DH!!
  9. congrat's and happy b-day you are officially addicted hahaha...
  10. congrats Kuuipo!! love the lichen and now you have the entire set. that's awesome!! i will now have to seriously consider the neo speedy or the baggy gm! hope you had a great one. :cutesy:
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. congrats and happy b-day!!
  13. Awww, your husband is soooo sweet! You lucky gal. Congratulations!
  14. Wow! What a nice hubby!! Congrats and happy birthday!
  15. that's so cute. happy birthday!