My B-day 'baby' Damier Speedy 30

  1. :yahoo: I'm sooooo loving this bag!!! Had felt a bit guilty coz I'd just purchased the Deauville back in Feb. w/my work bonus + some extra cash I'd stashed away just for a new bag. Hubby suggested another for my b-day...I'd been thinking about the Damier I took the plunge and drove the 3.5 hour drive down to Atlanta (we have no LV here in Knoxville, TN) It was love at first sight. My first LV is now 15 years old and in mint/tho loved/and well cared for condition and it was the Mono Speedy 30....I have absolutely got to stop buying bags and get a digi cam so I can post my bag babies...or atleast get them together for a picture, if I do that could I email them to someone here and get them posted .?.

    I do so get the strangest looks with my Damier cracks me up. Hardly anyone around here knows what LV is anyway or else they are into the fakes...I was at Bath N Body last night picking up some lotion and the lady checking out next to me kept sneaking in sidelong glances at my bag like she just couldn't figure out what the heck it was....

    Sorry for the long, long rambling post but I just am so thrilled with this bag. Thanks to all you girls who posted pics of ur Damier Speedy and helped me get introduced to the line!!!! lunch is nearly up....goes quick when you spend it on tpf *winks*

    Ahhhh...there's my phone now...aarrgghh....

    Later all my fellow-sisters-n-LV :wlae:
  2. Congrats! I love the damier speedy!
  3. That is a beautiful bag. Congrats!
  4. Love your story. I can tell how addicted you are!
  5. congrats..yaaayy another damier speedy owner..
  6. Congrats!
  7. CONGRATS on a beautiful bag and have a happy b-day!!!:flowers:
  8. Congrats on the new bag!
  9. Congrats!! The Damier Speedy is a beautiful bag!
  10. congrats!
  11. Yay! Happy birthday and congrats on your lovely new bag!:heart:
  12. Congrats! I want a Damier Speedy for Christmas =P
  13. :yahoo: Congrats!!! I love the Speedy in Damier...:love:
  14. Happy Birthday AND Congratulations on your new Damier Speedy! I love the Damier canvas!! :smile:
  15. congratulations! i hope you get a camera soon so you can show us all your collection!