My B collection!!!

  1. Hi everyone, I'm newbie here. After reading the numerous posts about your beloved B-bags, I would like to share my Balenciaga collection with you guys.:smile:

    04 S/S apple green clutch bag
    05 F/W magenta Hobo
    06 S/S blue coins bag
    06 S/S rouge Hobo
    06 F/W black Weekend

    Weekend with Salvatore Ferragamo silk bear key chain & me.
    What I wear: Juicy Couture rouge velvet coat, Levis Type 1 dark blue jeans, white shirt bought from Osaka, Japan and Dries Van Noten black boots

    Hobe & my sister
    What she wears: DSquared2 hat, Juicy Couture rouge velvet coat (same as me:p ), Ray Cassin pants, Y's green & white check scarf, Tsumori Chisato pink socks and Jil Sander black boots
  2. Gorgeous Collection Tammy !!! Congrats and welcome !!!!
    Thanks for posting pics !!!
    OMG this Black WE...
  3. Welcome!!!!!!
    What a perfect little collection...I love the range of colours! And you and your sister are so pretty!
  4. great collection and the bags look great on you and your sister!!!:smile:
  5. You and your sister are just gorgeous in your ensembles! :balloon: Love your DVN boots. I love your black weekender, and the Ferragamo teddy bear just lends a whimsical look to it. I want a Ferragamo teddy bear too! Do they still make those? :?:
  6. And I forgot, welcome!!! :yes: Lovelyg
  7. Welcome to the TPF! What beautiful colors you have in your collection and your sister and you have such wonderful taste - the two of you look great!
  8. Thanks for sharing I love the day in rouge as well as your weekender!
  9. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.
  10. Wow!! Love the outfits AND the bags!! Great collection! Thanks for sharing and welcome! :yes:
  11. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!! LOVE your Bbags!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  12. great collection! love what you guys wear too.. thanks for sharing :smile:
  13. Great collection!! You both wear them well!!! I love the variety of colors!!

    Welcome!! :smile:
  14. Great Collection! You look great with your weekender!
  15. i love ur black weekender...the leather looks really smoochy :smile: