My B-Bags - Part 1

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  1. First of all ... I apologize for the messy appearance (I was home with a stomach bug), but still thought I'd finally get some of my bags together for a *group* photo!!
    • Background - Left: ANIS Weekender
    • Background - Right: '04 TURQUOISE Weekender
    • Foreground - Left: '05 APPLE GREEN First
    • Foreground - Center: ROUGE VIF First
    • Foreground - Right: '04/05 MAGENTA METALLIC City
    CJL Collection - Part 1wtmk.jpg
  2. i'm totally DROOOLIIING over your turq & anis weekender!!!
    CeeJay, that's a GREAT collection!
  3. Gorgeous!!! wish you didn't have to watermark with as much gusto so we can drool with wilder abandon, but I get why it's important.

    They are all lovely! Surprised by the color of the Anis, would have never thought that's Anis, but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like it! Love it in fact. That one's my favorite!:drool:

    Can't wait for Part 2 and 3 and 4 ...
  4. :heart:Ceejay what a great collection! I love your pistachio! I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure that taking pictures of your BBags cheered you up a little though!:heart: Can't wait for the next part.......
  5. Wow, CeeJay!!:heart: amazing collection. The one in the front row doesn't even look like Rouge Vif, I thought it was an 04 Rose!
    Can't wait to see more! :drool::roflmfao:
  6. Woooow CeeJay !!!!!!!! Part1 is TDF :drool:!!!!
    Can't wait to see la suite !!!!!!!!!
  7. AHHHHHHHHHH I love metallic magenta!!!
  8. Your Metallic Magenta is super hot!!!!
  9. Beautiful bags, I adore your apple green and magenta metallic ones, can't wait to see Part 2!
  10. :drool: WOW very nice collection. I love the anis.
  11. hooray!!! CeeJay, I had been secretly hoping and waiting for you to post new pics of your Bals! :yahoo: :ninja:
  12. WOW your collection is amazing as usual!:drool:
  13. Ah, Decophile- I told you Anis is a nice color.;) I love my Anis City. Congradulations, ceejay they all look gorgeous.:yahoo:
  14. Super Hot
  15. OMG! Your anis weekender is TDF! Fabulous collection!
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