My B-Bag... :(

  1. I got it as a present from my Aunt for visiting her, but it's white and has some color transfer. I emailed the company, but they say that it adds character to the bag....Any thoughts on how to clean it/take care of the blue color transfer from my jeans?? Thanks in advance!!
  2. hmm... i havent had this problem yet. you could try the apple cleaner- but i'm not sure. if you do get it clean- after make sure to spray it with apple garde to prevent more damage!
  3. i dont think color transfer from jeans come out... when i asked chloe about color transfer on the cream paddys (was thinking of getting one) she promised that it wouldnt happen because the leather was such high quality that it resisted color transfer. not sure if that is BS or not but if it isnt i would assume balenciaga to use similar quality of leather... do you know for sure if your bag is real?
  4. a lot of authentic light colored bbags get jeans transfer
  5. M friend tried a Coach leather cleaner on a very light Hayden Hartnett bag after black jeans rubbed off and she was quite pleased with the results.
  6. i hate it when that happens... i got jeans colour on my lv multicolore speedy, and when i tried to clean it, it just got worse! :cry:
  7. Unfortunately the better the leather the worse the transfer, unless it
    has been treated. Softer leather (lamb skin etc.) has more "pores" part
    of what makes it soft and wonderful. A cheap vinyl or pleather (love
    that word!) bag you would never have a problem with since there are
    no pores.
  8. I have a lovely Bulga (LOVE Bulga, my 2nd favorite next to Balenciaga) and the color transfer from my jeans is quite stubborn. Bulga recommended this service...
    kinda pricey but may be worth it for a b-bag.
  9. Thanks everyone!! I am absolutely certain it's real, my aunt has an adversion to fake bags...I've heard the color transfer is hard on the LV Vernis too. I"ll try out the website you suggested Didi. Thanks!!