My b bag family!!! never get enough!

  1. Just received my GH work in Truffle from LVR sale. it is such a bargain!!! and it is my first GH bag!!!
    DSC00552.JPG DSC00557.JPG DSC00555.jpg
  2. Congrats! I love that combo and the rest of your collection is fabulous!!
  3. Ooo, love your collection! And your new bag is gorgeous!
  4. Nice collection :tup:and congrats on your GH bag.:yahoo:
  5. That looks great on you and wowza at your collection.:wlae:
  6. very pretty!!!
  7. I love all your bags. Are most of them works?
  8. yea most of them are work size and i only had a city and day... i wish to buy more on different style.
  9. Nice collection! Thanks for posting!
  10. What a great family!
  11. [​IMG]
    What a great family shot! Your bags are divine!!
  12. your collection is lovely.. i love the second from bottom? what color is it?
  13. beautiful colors, thanks for sharing!
  14. it is aquamarine.
  15. Lovely collection! Your colour choices are stunning.