My Azur Wallet is HERE!! PICS INSIDE!

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  1. Yay FedEx came today and delivered my wallet!!! I decided on the Koala because of its many credit card slots and ID/picture slot. I have yet to decide which pic to put in.. maybe of my dear SO & I.. if he would only let me take a pic of him.:roflmfao: speaking of SO.. I'm going give him a big kiss when he gets off work!!!!!!! :love: I'm so happy he ordered me the wallet.. :wlae: :wlae:

    Anyway enough chatter.. here are the pics! Thanks for your advice on the earlier thread on which one I should have chose. You ladies/gents never let me down. :heart: Thanks for your comments too! :nuts:

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  2. congrats! very pretty, plus it can hold a lot since you wanted cc slots.
  3. Thanks AKI for helping me think of which wallet to choose. You're very helpful!:yes:
  4. Oh wow, that's so cute... and so is the Hello Kitty in the background! I have the koala wallet in the regular damier, this makes me want the azur. Congrats!!
  5. Your wallet is gorgeous, I love the Koala in Azur!
  6. Very pretty! Congrats! That size seems better when carrying smaller bags too.
  7. Congrats on a cute wallet, also love the Hello Kitty.
  8. It is a beautiful wallet, now seeing the pictures it makes me want to get one. I am waiting for my Azur Speedy maybe I will get the wallet to match in the next few months.
  9. Cute wallet! :smile:
  10. oooh sooo pretty!! congrats!!!
  11. Congrats, it's so I have to have one, it's your fault :love:
  12. Yay, cute wallet...congrats!
  13. :nuts: Loving the cream interior:love: Congrats!!!
  14. that is soo cute! the azur probably has to be my favorite line in the style of the koala wallet, congrats!
  15. Oh my...:tender:
    What a lovely wallet! Congrats!