My Azur Speedy Via eLux

  1. I spoke with Lorraine at eLux this morning and my order has been submitted and my Speedy 25 is on its way!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. ^congrats!
  3. WOOOT WOOOT... i'm so excited
  4. I'm so hapy for you! :yahoo:
  5. wow, good for you!
  6. Yay! Did you get your ******, and your free overnight shipping?
  7. I am chatting via livechat with her right now.. I also have the cles in my shopping cart.. about to check out.. LOL
  8. Great! Can't wait to see it!:yahoo:
  9. Wow thats great!! Congrats and remember to post pics :wlae:
  10. Lorraine said that the purses were on the site this morning.. and they sold out. I did not see it at all..
  11. i did Jen. It was free priority, i dont think they do overnight (that was my mistake). I am going to the boutique today too, during my lunch break. that way i can see what else i want. lol
  12. i think that everyone who had purchased them last week when they made the error (including myself) were given bags first. I didn't see them at all either online. call the boutique and see if u can snag one.
  13. Congrats!
  14. I am talking to her about my pre-order .. I hope they don't tell me I never called 2 weeks ago.

  15. I hope not. Let me know what she says. She was very helpful.