my azur speedy is a hit with guys?!?!?!?

  1. cute story to share with you guys :yes:

    i have been carrying my azur speedy to work this week. well anyways, the first day i carried it, a male colleague gushed about the bag to me. i was like ummmm okies, that's kind of surprising and amusing. he commented that it was much nicer than my damier speedy.

    well, today, another male colleague walked by. this guy is in his mid 30s, works in the IT department, doesn't know a thing about fashion and he saw my bag, and gushed about the bag. he didn't know it was a LV bag and just kept saying it's cute. once again i was surprised.

    finally, before i left for work, my boss (mid 40s, very conservative guy) walks by, stops and bends over to scrutinise my bag. he thought i bought it in paris cos he had never seen it before. he told me that his wife would like it. :p

    well, i mean, i like it when girls compliment my bags but guys this time round?!?! 3 guys in 2 days? what are the odds? it was so surreal and amusing. perhaps the marketing team at LV should look into tapping the 30 - 40 year old guys segment! :nuts:
  2. Haha, thats interesting. I'm sure you carry it well too. Btw, jz curious what size you've got. '25 0r '30?
  3. thats adorable, lol.
  4. im curious to know size as well!
  5. The guys at your office have some Fabulous taste!
  6. Cute story... The guys have great taste
  7. Size please...25 or 30?
  8. the funny thing is i wasn't carrying the bag when they saw it. it was just on my desk LOL. 2 of them (yes the guys!) tried the bag on though. hahaha.

    i have the 25. i wanted the 30 originally but i'm very happy with my 25. it's just too cute!
  9. i think the guys do have great taste *grin*
  10. O we do :smile:
  11. haha awesome!
  12. I'm not too suprised. There's something about the Azur colors and pattern, I can't put my fingers on it. Very elegant! But the first time I saw it .. I was like: Wooow, that's extraordinary. My favorite used to be Vernis in general, but now it's Azur.
  13. HAHA I love it!!! Totally agree!!!

    Maybe I need an azur bag to get some male attention :graucho: but hopefully the kind that I could date! LOL!!!
  14. i think that's so cute! and i guess the guys in your office share your good taste! LOL :smile: the damier pattern is something that i can see appealing to both men and women :smile:
  15. I believe the Azur pattern is very eye catchy. My Azur Speedy 30 is one of the first LVs my DH complimented me on.