My Azur Speedy 30 is here~~~

  1. :yahoo: LV shop left msg telling me that they've already gotten the shipment in and have put on hold a Speedy 30 for me~ I am going to see it right after work tomorrow~~ can't wait~

    Tho I am still contemplating on whether to get it or not, I mean it IS going to be a permanent part of the Damier family.....
  2. ^ Congrats..I saw it's pretty in "pale" side..or albino like my DH said.

    No rush for me because it will be part of permanent line..I will get it eventually, just got mini lin speedy the other day so I have to wait for couple of months for azur..
  3. Congratulations! Please, if you decide to get it, post pictures of your new speedy! I want to see it in real "picture" (can't say real life, haha).
  4. Have you seen the Damier Azur club? They have real "pictures"! It looks gorgeous!
  5. Yes, if you do decide to get it.. post pics please!!! :biggrin: