My Azur finally saw the light of day!

  1. For the first time since buying her MONTHS ago, I used my Azur speedy 30 today. All I can say is UNCOMFORTABLE! I was so worried about every move I made with her! I couldn't even enjoy it! :sad:

    Anyone else feel that way with azur the first time? How did you get over it??
  2. Oh, I am sorry to hear that. I don't have azur, but am lusting after it at the moment! Have my eye on an Azur Saleya PM! Tell me I don't have to worry about her. What exactly made you uncomfortable? Getting her dirty?
  3. I have the same bag. I take it everywhere! Just remember the power of alcohol-free baby wipes! I actually haven't had any problems!

    Enjoy her!
  4. It was ALL about getting her dirty. The handles are just sooooooo bright and clean!
  5. I'm hoping that works for me if I continue to use it! I don't think I can actually gave me a slight panic attack! :wtf:
  6. OOooo.....I know what you mean about getting a pricey handbag dirty, that's why I purchased my damier azur in pochette style. :p
  7. I've been using my azur saleya pm almost every day since May, and not one mark of dirt or anything yet! So don't worry DesigningStyle, you should definitely buy one! My handles are darker now, but it still looks great! Azur is much more durable than it looks.
  8. I use mine a lot and it still looks great. It's starting to get looks fine. I don't worry about it. If it gets dirty, I just wipe it down.
  9. i feel the same way...i don't use my azur speedy often...although i use my azur french purse everyday...:yes:
  10. You don't need to worry so much. I've had mine for a few months and I 'm a mom of 4 kids. I was at the swim meet with my kids and a little boy behind me kicked my azur speedy right of the bleachers and it does not have a scratch on it. I was nervous the first few days too. Though now months later I can laugh at myself because the bag is awesome and I haven't needed to use any wipes or anything yet.
  11. Oh Ethan's Mommy, I think I would be just like you with it if I had one - but I think the others are right, you'll get used to using it, enjoying it, and when it happens to get a mark, try wiping it down (note: stash some wipes in your purse for emergencies ;) )

    A little boy KICKED it?! I think I would have a panic attack...actually, thinking about it right now is making me panic just a tad...
  12. I am sorry to here that.
  13. I was afraid to get something on my saleya too- but I've been using it all summer and it looks great- enjoy it !
  14. Can you use the baby wipe with the handle? mine got some dirt on the handle but I'm not sure if baby wipe works. so far, the leather is perfectly good.
  15. It usually lasts me a few days to get rid of the "new bag" feeling. After a while, I just go out there and enjoy my time with my bag. I have an Azur Naviglio and I use it as a travel bag with all my paperwork and magazines tucked in the side pockets.