My awful shopping experience at Holt Renfrew to buy CL shoes

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  1. Please tell me if I am wrong in this situation, but I was at the store and I tried one particular kind. I liked it and asked them to get my a pair so that I can purchase it. SA got it for me and I tried that one I'm going to buy. They were almost perfect but one of my foot is slightly smaller then the other. I told him that and he said to give him that shoe and he will be right back. He came back and I noticed that he ripped out the inside lining to insert a shoe pad. I was completely shocked:wtf:
    I asked him why he ruined the shoe and he said that he didn't realize that it was a big deal. And this is a $700 kitten heal shoe! I was so pissed and told him to get me another one, because I don't want to buy the one he ripped apart. He tried to sell me the floor display. There was no way I would purchase a floor display for that price.
    I made him go look for another perfect pair and as I was waiting, another SA asked me if I need some service and I told him the whole story. This SA jaw literally dropped open!
    He said that he would do his best to get that one repaired, but it already ruined my first attempt to purchase CL shoes.

    Should I have bought that pair of shoes?
    Just to let you know, that they cannot find another perfect pair in Canada.
  2. You did the right thing. I wouldn't have purchased the shoes either. Why couldn't he just put the insert on top?
  3. That's really strange. You'd think it's common knowledge that there's no reason to damage merchandise.
  4. Unless I'm misunderstanding something this is a very common practice. Rather than adhere the pad on top of the insole they pull it up and insert a pad, regluing the insole. He probably thought nothing of it. I've had this done to several shoes and it works quite well.

    I'm sorry that you were unprepared though, I guess that would be a shock the first time. But, the insole is glued to begin with so no harm in the end.
  5. ^^Do SAs usually do this, though?
  6. The thing is, he never asked me....he took control and made the decision to fix the shoe without having me to try it on with the pad not sticking onto the shoe. I think it should be my decision to make that call since I am paying for it. Especially when it cost $700
  7. I agree with you. I have never experienced or heard of that happening before. You have every right to be selective about the pair you pay for. I would prefer a non-display shoe if possible. I am sorry they spoiled the experience for you.

  8. All the time. I've had them done at NM & Nordstrom routinely. They really mean no harm. Again, I'm sorry that you were pained by this and I suppose it can be a tad unsettling to have an expensive shoe tricked up, but trust me, the sole glues back down and is completely unnoticible. You can always have them trim the sides before they glue down the insole.

    What I can't stand is when they stick something on top of the insole because in the heat it always starts to migrate, plus I take my shoes off routinely at an airport and hate stuff on top.

    I've attached a picture of a pair of shoes that have two of those cusions under the insole. I took this picture after it was done.

    Attached Files:

  9. I still find it shocking. It may be a common practice, but these are $700 shoes! Seriously, even if the shoe could easily be repaired with glue, I still find it unacceptable that the SA took the liberty to rip the insoles off the shoes.
  10. I found it shocking that I even had to do it to begin with. It seems like the low-end shoes fit without issues. I could pick up any 8M and I wouldn't need to do a thing. That was the single issue that I had to come to grips with on almost all couture shoes.
  11. I think that is why I did not purchase it.
  12. I really do understand. I just wanted you to know that it's not out of the norm. Everyone is going to have certain issues that make them crazy. Mine was the ruching on Lady Gres. He should have told you first what he needed to do nonetheless.
  13. WOAH! That's crazy. I've never heard of a sales associate doing that. It's a shame that that pair is now ruined. :nogood:
  14. Thank you for your support.
  15. Wow, I've never heard of such a thing. I'm sorry he ruined what would've been your first purchase. Hopefully your next CL shopping experience will go better.