My Awesome Birthday Present!!! -- Pics

  1. It was my birthday last week and my mom and bf got a little something something from LV for me ...:yahoo:

    Can you guess what it is?

    (I'm not usually into the whole striptease thing...but since it was my birthday present, I simply could not resist. :p)
    Neverfull 1.JPG Neverfull 2.JPG Neverfull 3.JPG Neverfull 4.JPG
  2. speedy azur???
  3. Bh?
  4. awww....ahhhh!!~ im so curious hurry up and let us know.
  5. wallet and a neverfull?
  6. Happy Birthday!!! What did you get?
  7. Happy Birthday!!

    Is it a Speedy 30?
  8. No need to be mean...Traci
  9. Damier speedy and agenda???

    Happy Birthday!!
  10. It's a Neverfull MM and the Trunks and Bags Mini Pochette!!! :wlae: I absolutely LOVE both of them! So practical and absolutely perfect! I've been using both almost everyday since my bday!

    I took a TON of pics. :yahoo:Here are pics of the bags by themselves.

    I took a TON of modelling pics too ... but I need to go to sleep right now... I'll definitely post them tomorrow .... so please stay tuned .... :okay:
    Neverfull 5.JPG Neverfull 6.JPG Neverfull 7.JPG Neverfull 8.JPG Neverfull 9.JPG
  11. whatever it is, happy bday!
  12. Oh Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting to like the Neverfull. Happy B-Day.
  13. I love them both. Happy birthday
  14. Wonderful gift! Enjoy and happy b-day!
  15. congrats