My Authenticity Sticker Came Off

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  1. Hi All!
    I purchased my GST in January from the Heathrow boutique and have only just started using it as my work bag (past 3 weeks). I got home today and found the authenticity sticker had come off and was stuck to my purse!?!? I've tried to put it back on the tab but it is now a bit wrinkled and likely to come off again.

    Does it matter? Should I go to Chanel and get them to reattach? Will they be able to do it? Has anyone experienced this on such a new bag?

  2. Mine fell off from boy bad, Chanel reattached it. But it was wrinkly when I found it stuck on my wallet, so it doesn't look that pretty now (you can see the wrinkles).

  3. I had one come off a brand new bag today and I just happened to find the sticker in my car. Not cool for a brand new bag. I bet we are not the only ones with this issue. What is going on with Chanel?

    I am worried about having it re-attached because I think it will look like it was tampered with.

    Obviously this problem is not related to a particular style because Mint81 had a GST problem and resrobin15 had a Boy Bag problem, and mine is a Coco Handle problem. And sounds like the problem is not just with a particular location since mint81's bag is from the UK and mine the Saks in the US
  4. Are those bags mentioned ... Made in Italy?
    I hope Chanel does do smthg about their feedback seriously.

    This is 1 brand that escalates so much in Prices every year, and yet the quality is worse than before.

    I'm starting to find myself buying older Chanels off the resale racks coz the quality back then is much better, not to mention, its value for money.
  5. Are you effin' kidding me??!! Yet another quality issue with Chanel, now it's the freakin' sticker coming off??!! That is unacceptable!!! I agree, all these quality issues are making me look at the preloved market and buying those bags instead. Chanel needs to get their act together and start with their quality control!!!
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    I wouldn't reattach it, since it will likely come off again with use, and then next time you might lose it for sure. I would keep it in a safe place and only reattach it (or have Chanel do it), if you ever decide to sell the bag.
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  7. @ josiren - yes my bag is made in Italy. A picture of what is left of the sticker ☹️:

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  8. From the serial number, it looks like it is made around the end of 2014... Hmmm.... wondering how come Heathrow still have this bag in Jan 2016 since they sell the GSTS pretty fast and gets regular shipment. so sorry that u ended up with this bag.
  9. I don't know if where it is made has anything to do with it, but mine was made in Italy too.

    My sticker looks about like yours.

    Mine starts with the numbers 222.....
  10. This has been known to happen even way back, especially on bags where the sticker is on a "tab". I highly doubt it's because it's new bag or where it was made. It's unfortunate, I hope Chanel can help you out.
  11. This happened to my Vintage Chanel where the sticker shifted from place, I sold it shorty after. Very annoying, but very easy fix for Chanel.
  12. Is there anything we can do to prevent the stickers from coming off? I had thought about trying to make some sort of patch to put over the stickers in my bags but I'm not sure how I'd attach the patch to the lining. Anyone ever hear of someone having a protective solution?
  13. My boy bag is a stingray which has leather interior and it's a mini size. I know mine felll off because i was constantly jamming my giant phone in the bag... So I learned my lesson and be extra careful from then on!
  14. I noticed too the edges were already lifting off the sticker in my new filigree even before I even put anything inside it

    Take the back of your nail and rub the sticker into the bag. Make sure there is no "white space" in between your sticker and your bag like there are air pockets. It is hard to see so you can also take a photo of it and then zoom in to see how it looks before proceeding

    This tends to happen more when against Lambskin interior, or on the smooth side of the tab
    And yes this is sad, which is why I keep going back to pre owned shopping a lot
  15. My authenticity tag did not come off neatly. Part of one side is still on the tab inside the bag, and the piece that detached from the tab is not one solid piece anymore -- it is coming apart. I don't believe there is any way it can be re-attached without looking tampered with.

    If my bag was even a year old I'd feel differently, but to have the sticker come off on the 2nd day I used the bag is a different story.

    I am taking it back to Chanel next week and will decide what to do then.