My authentic ebay item taken down due to infringement!!!

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  1. Please help me :sad: My item was taken down. I have been selling pre loved designer items for years and this is the very first time this has happened to me. I was selling my authentic Louis Vuitton bee charm chain which I only purchased last year. The listing even had a picture of the receipt!!!

    This is the message I received….

    "After reviewing your eBay account, we've taken the following action:
    - Violating listings have been removed. A list of removed items is available further down in this email.
    - We have credited all associated fees except for the final value fee for your listing(s).

    The listing that was removed appeared to violate eBay policy or a rights owner's trademark. Please remember that you are responsible for the quality and authenticity of the products that you offer on eBay. It is against eBay policy to list any counterfeit items.

    For more information please see our Replica, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies policy:

    There are multiple concerning factors on the item you are selling. To help us protect your status as a seller on our site, you may consider the following improvements for your listing: - Make sure your item is in the right category. - Building a positive selling history will increase buyer trust in your listings. - If your item has a serial number, authenticity card, or other indicator of legitimacy, we recommend that you include this information and a clear copy of it in your listing, too. -You may have the item authenticated and provide a clear scan of the Certificate of Authenticity in your listing. Or you may provide a copy of your proof of purchase of the item. All fees associated with this listing will be credited accordingly.

    Please be sure your current and future listings follow these guidelines, keeping in mind that additional violations could result in the suspension of your account.

    If you have additional questions, contact our policy experts."

    Has anybody every had this happen to them before? I don't know what to do. Funny enough, my other authentic Louis Vuitton items are still currently active. Why would they take down one item but not the others? I rely a lot on ebay to list my designer items and now I think my reputation may now be jeopardised. Please help!

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  2. It wasn't a VeRO takedown (based on the text of the message) so it was removed by ebay.

    My advice assumes the item is authentic. I don't know LV and I'm basing my advice on your statements.

    Wait for others' opinions on this but my understanding is that you can get a professional authentication (long form) to submit to ebay for reinstatement of the listing. Make sure you use an authenticating service whose opinions are accepted by ebay (PP/CC companies) and verify with them that they do jewelry.

    If the authentication proves your item confirmed as genuine, you'll have a document to fax to ebay.
  3. Thanks for your response. Funny enough I have tried contacting ebay and they have not responded to my messages, so I don't even have the opportunity to defend myself. Really frustrating as I have been selling my preloved designer goods for many years and this is the first time this has ever happened to me :sad:
  4. I still think the listing was removed as a suspected counterfeit item. (I'm basing my thought on the content of the message you posted from them.)

    I would try calling them on the phone (rather than email) and ask whether and how to submit a professional authentication.

    On another note, I found a cache of the listing for the above item and in looking at it as well as your other items, I do have another comment regarding your listings. This is unsolicited advice but it might prevent listings being removed.

    You are advertising items with "as new," "near new" and "almost new" but the items are pre-owned and used.

    Although the condition might be excellent, you aren't allowed to use "new" as part of the description or titles in your listings because it's considered KWS (keyword spamming).

    Buyers who are looking for new items search "new" and use that attribute in their searches and only NEW items are supposed to come up.

    I only mention this because those listings can be taken down for KWS.