my aunt's plum birkin!!

  1. here are pics of my aunt's first and new birkin. the orange stuff is actually just the wrapping paper thing haha. i dont know the name for this exact color but ill jsut say its plum :P nice huh? :graucho: she just sent me the pics.


    hope the pics arent too big :shame:
  2. ohhh...nice!! is it a 30cm?
  3. yes its a 30 cm. my mom wants one after seeing her younger sis get one haha :smile:
  4. Pics are just fine and the bag is gorgeous! The color looks like raisin, but wait for a general consensus. So, ahem, will your aunt let you borrow it?:graucho: :graucho:
  5. Raisen! It's stunning! And I think it's togo leather! Congrats to your Aunt, Andork! May she wear it well, often and in good health!!!!!
  6. she knows this person in Hong Kong who knows how to get birkins, and I think she also had 2 other colors...but my aunt decided to choose this raisin one. i think my mom can get one too cuz her little bro knows that lady.
  7. Oh, that's just lovely! I think it's raisin, too. I hope she'll let you borrow it!!
  8. mouthwatering!
  9. Very rich looking...great color and one lucky aunt. What about you?!
  10. gorgeous!:yes:
  11. Gorgeous! I am totally in love with that color!
  12. Stunning! The color is gorgeous!:love: :heart:
  13. I love it!
  14. Lovely, yummy color!!
  15. woww.... that colour makes me thirsty.... like when i see a big juicy fruit.. heheh.. =) very delicious!