My Aunt's Epi collection!

  1. Nice :nuts: :drool: May I ask if this aunt is in Winnipeg ? :smile:
  2. Gorgeous collection!!! :heart:
  3. very nice! love the mandarin epi :smile:
  4. Yes, why? :p
  5. I love the colored epi pieces. your aunt has great taste
  6. Awesome collection D:

  7. Both Jill and I are from the Peg. Thank you so very much we are not alone :smile:
  8. Love the St. Tropez!
  9. so gorgeous. love the keepall.
  10. Love it all, but I am partial to the mandarin.
  11. What a nice collection! :tup:
  12. awww, mandarin mandarin mandarin!! simply love that colour!! thanks for sharing!!
  13. Nice collection!
  14. Oooh, love the mandarin pieces!